Superficial Peels

Want brighter, younger, clearer, softer and smoother skin? 

This a revolutionary peel that doesn’t peel! You will have no down-time or flaking skin which is associated with most other peels. This is a light repetitive peel which ideally requires a course of 6 sessions with weekly or fortnightly intervals. 

Lactic acid is used in a relatively low concentration compared to other peels, but it also has a low ph. Due to the low acid content, it means it can be left on the skin for longer, which in turn, stimulates the skin cells to release growth factors to produce more collagen and calm redness in skin. The lactic acid also acts as a sanitiser for the skin which reduces acne breakouts. This can give the same effects as strong concentrations of acids but without any side effects that are usually associated with peels!

Lactic acid is also used as it’s physiologically active naturally in our skin, it inhibits pigment formation and keeps the natural moisturisation of the skin.

This treatment therefore specifically targets acne, rosacea and sun damaged skin (particularly rough, thick, coarse skins)

The peels are designed to the individual, so I can modify the strength of the peel by changing  the concentration of the acid or changing the length of time it is left on the skin, depending upon the clients needs.

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