Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

There comes a point where advanced skincare can only take you so far. If you have a deep stubborn wrinkle on your forehead or crows feet area - this is from muscle contraction and the only thing that will significantly reduce this is a wrinkle relaxing injection.

I have a practicing GP working from my premises every 2 weeks. She is partner in a surgery in Hampshire where she works 2 1/2 days per week. Her approach is very natural. This is not about looking frozen or like many of the celebrities you see in the media! 

Whilst this treatment is not rejuvenating - as to keep the results, you have to have it topped up 2-3 times per year - it is very effective and can work in beautifully with my skin rejuvenation skincare programmes and treatments.

Prices start at £200.



"I’d wanted to have this for a while but felt very nervous about choosing a practitioner with the right expertise and qualifications. When I heard that Mel was partnering with someone who was a GP I got in contact straight away. Dr Bury answered all of my questions and I found her really calm and reassuring. I’ve now had a few treatments with her over a 2-3 year period and trust her judgement and skills implicitly. I absolutely love the subtle way in which she administers injections as it creates a really nice and natural effect. Highly recommend!” - Natalie - Wokingham

“I had been wanting to try this for years, more as a preventative for deep set wrinkles.  However, I've seen too many people with bad treatments who look very unnatural and feared the results looking fake. I frequently wear little to no makeup and wanted to maintain a natural look.  While, I decided to give it a try.  I told NO ONE.  Not even my husband.  Two months after my first treatment, my husband was telling me how he hates his crows feet and I told him that I had had the treatment two months previously.  Even living with me day in and day out, he had not noticed I'd had injections as it was done naturally.  However, look at the before and after.  It transformed me!” - J - Wokingham 

“I have had injections in a few different places, been made to wait for ever in uncomfortable sterile waiting rooms, with no conversation on the outcome I want, in and out and a big bill. Natalie at Neverland Skin Care is so different, the environment is comfortable and welcoming (even in Covid), the discussion is thought through and I was listened to.  Natalie is personable and approachable.  I got the results I wanted because we had good communication.  Lovely lady, helping me to not to look so fierce by erasing my nasty frown”. - Amanda - Wokingham 

“Dr Natalie Bury is wonderful. Having a highly qualified doctor was really important for me, as wrinkle relaxing injections are offered in all sorts of places these days! I’d never had this before and I was worried about whether it was right for me. But with Natalie I didn’t have to worry, she’s calm and professional and talks you through everything. The finished look is so so natural and lovely. She’s really conscious of this, which is great. I would recommend her to anyone and I would personally never go anywhere else” - Lyndsey- Wokingham 

“Natalie is brilliant. She explains everything she’s doing, reasons why, there’s no pressure at all and it’s pain free. I was unsure about wrinkle relaxing injections but equally very unhappy with the deep lines on my forehead and Natalie has changed that” - Johanne - Wokingham

“Natalie is an absolute gem! She’s always so kind, gentle (I hated needles!) and friendly. She explains everything and is very careful to ensure the look is a natural and more refreshed look as opposed to a plastic, scary face look!! None of my friends have noticed that ive had any treatment, they just think I look so much more refreshed than usual. Thank You Natalie!” - S - Wokingham

“Having not long had a baby and therefore being a victim to sleep deprivation and generally having very sensitive eyes, my frown lines were really starting to become an issue for me. Every photo I’d have of me, I’d immediately be drawn to the lines and want to get them brushed or softened away and then I came across Mel and Natalie and it was the best discovery I could make! Natalie really listened to me during our consultation which made me sure I was making the right decision at the right time to have wrinkle relaxing injections and actually I wish I’d not gone so long feeling so rubbish! I already can’t wait to keep it up as the change in my confidence has been astonishing. Thank you ladies so much for making me feel safe and cared for!” - Jeni - Wokingham 

“I went to Natalie for my first round of wrinkle relaxing injections. I was so nervous but she immediately put me at ease and I really felt that she listened to all of my questions.  With injections I think it’s important to feel very relaxed and confident that the practitioner is supportive of the result you want. In my case I wanted something light with movement and concentrating on removing one deep line. The overall effect is amazing. I look refreshed and it looks incredibly natural. I would never go anywhere else now. Plus the location is perfect - beautiful spotless room. Follow up care is also incredibly through. It all feels relaxed yet very professional experience. I can’t recommend it enough”. - Hilary - Wokingham 

"I did my research about wrinkle relaxing injections and its benefits, I am in my late 30s and I was nervous to do it ,but meeting Natalie and discussing details with her, put me completely at ease and I felt confident in her approach. I have had 3 treatments now with Natalie, and I can not believe the results, absolutely perfect, looking natural and more importantly healthy. Natalie is a GP and she clearly knows what is doing. I am glad I found this local place and I highly highly recommend it." Sally - Wokingham 


Before and After