I offer a wide selection of different resurfacers (light peels) depending on your skin needs. Resurfacers are much deeper than a normal exfoliation (which concentrates only on removing dead skin cells), but the beauty is, they don’t cause any trauma to the skin. They are phenomenal for a healthy, vibrant complexion as they change the bio-ecology of the epidermis and accelerate skin cell reproduction. They also signal the dermal layer to produce more elastin, collagen, GAGs (which give moisture to the skin) and other bio-cellular matrixes to produce thicker, healthier skin. These involve very little ‘downtime’ (eg little peeling) I either incorporate these into monthly bespoke facial, or you can book a course of 6 with fortnightly intervals.

Where more remedial action is needed (deep pigmentation, severe photo-ageing, acne) I offer medium depth medical grade peels. These can yield superb results and I customise them accordingly, but there is more downtime (peeling) with these. A course of 3 is required over a 3 month period.

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